I want to get rid of my tyres…

You probably recognise this: major part of your stock has a good inventory turnover, but unfortunately a part of your stock is hard to sell and it’s value declines due to declining market prices and remains unsellable finally. This unsellable inventory occupies valuable storage space and reduces your liquidity

What can Tyre4All do for you

We can help you to convert the slow moving part of your stock into turnover. Tyre4All has a lot of experience and thanks to our widespread network do we have contact with international business partners who are looking for such stocks. We would like to get in contact with you.

Our mission

We mediate selling of your tyre overstocks (old DOT, new DOT, demounts, DA, bankruptcy inventory) for:

–   passenger car
–   light truck
–   truck
–   agricultural
–   industrial
–   etc.

off all tyre brands (premium, medium, economy and budget)